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    “Many people have been asking me who I will vote for in the Ward 3 Council election.  After looking at all of the candidates, many of whom I know personally, my choice is Tricia Duncan.

    Tricia is smart, energetic, knows the issues, and actually listens to residents’ concerns. She’s been involved in her local community and active in school matters. Other candidates may have more experience with the Council,  as such, or profess a certain expertise, (Tricia certainly has more local government experience than I did when first elected) but only Tricia has the personal qualities that will make her an excellent Council Member.

    Ask yourself, as issues arise over the next four years, who is most likely to exercise the best judgment and represent your values. I will answer that question by voting for Tricia Duncan.”


    I’m a mom, community advocate, former small-business owner, and Democratic candidate for Ward 3 Council.

    I first got involved in the Ward 3 community as a parent, not a politician. As a mom of students in DC public and charter schools, I learned that school involvement is the gateway to making our communities the best they can be. I took that involvement to the next level by leading the Palisades Community Association (PCA) of 1,800 members. I learn, listen, and build coalitions around issues affecting Ward 3.

    Policy Positions

    • Education
    • Transportation
    • Public Safety
    • Democracy
    • Community Health
    • Neighborhoods

    As the mother of two children in city schools, I know that each and every student needs caring, professional teachers, top-quality facilities and a broad curriculum to achieve the child’s fullest potential in life. As a two-term PTO President, I understand our schools and believe they can be among the best in the nation. But, to do that, and offer equal opportunity for all, we have to overcome some challenges.

    Like residents in other cities, we suffer from traffic congestion and dangerous drivers. But with better planning and a focus on safety, Ward 3 can be a model for vibrant and safe urban living. As I’ve already done as President of the Palisades Community Association, I would work with the District Department of Transportation to provide better traffic signals, crosswalks, sidewalks, bus lanes and bike lanes.

    Keeping our residents safe from crime is essential, and as President of the Palisades Community Organization, I’ve worked with our local Second District police officers. There are many different avenues for preventing crime:  working with offenders and victims, violence interrupters and social workers, prosecutors and public defenders, judges and prisons. We need to improve all parts of the system.

    I support a local democracy that empowers residents to have a real voice in government. We can make sure our democracy serves our community by supporting D.C. Statehood, improving oversight and accountability, implementing ranked choice voting, and making the City Council’s operations more transparent.

    I believe that universal access to health care is a human right, and that we must make quality, affordable healthcare available to all. Crucially, that includes access to contraception and abortion, as well as age-appropriate, comprehensive sex education in our public schools.

    Ward 3 is one of the best urban areas anywhere, but we have to protect and enhance our quality of life, which is what I’ve focused on as President of the Palisades Community Association. We need more affordable housing but must hold developers accountable. We have to protect our parks while improving recreational opportunities. And we should help our growing population of seniors to stay in their homes.

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    The Council should not fall for this nonsense. The board members are the ones pointing out the failures! Vote NO, p…
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